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Open Water Diver.
Get Certified!

Learn to Scuba Dive 

The world’s most popular scuba course has introduced millions of people to the adventurous scuba diving lifestyle.  If you have always wanted to learn to scuba dive, discover new adventures or simply see the wondrous world beneath the waves, this is where it begins.

Scuba certification never expires and is recognized around the world so you can rent or buy your own scuba equipment when you travel. Scuba diving will let you see the most beautiful creatures large and small and explore the reefs and flora of the oceans and deep blue seas, and just beyond the sandy beaches around the world.

Open Water Diver Course in Three Steps:

  • 1.   Elearning, read & take each study quizzes before assigned sections prior to classes. Durring classroom time we will review everything. Students must pass the tests to show individual comprehension, and clear understanding of basic principles of scuba diving.
  • 2.   Pool Dives (confined water) to learn basic scuba skills, get comfortable with your new scuba gear & practice new skills to prep before open water diving.
  • 3.   Open Water Dives (2 days) to review skills learned in the pool, explore and review safety situations in open water with confidence! Open Water Dives can be completed in 2 days,  with 2 dives both days. 

Some individuals may be slower to learn if they do not have much water or swim experience. Safety and health are critical to a good learning experience. Certain medical conditions require a physician’s approval before instruction can begin.


  1. To enroll in the Open Water Course you must  be 10 years or older. 
  2. You will need to complete a confidential Medical Statement Participant Form. This will be provided to you when you buy your Open Water Diver package. Some existing medical conditions may require a physician’s approval.



Park City Scuba Certification
has classroom instruction at our dive shop center
at 1526 Ute Boulevard, Silver Mountain Building,
Ste. 114, Kimball Junction, Park City, UT 84098
with a separate location for pool instruction
at Park City Aquatic Center
at Ecker Hill Middle School.

Open Water dives are completed at
the Homestead Crater in Midway


Open Water Diver certification cost includes:

  •    Elearning
  •    BCD (vest), Regulator and Tank rental use
  •    Classroom Sessions
  •    Pool Sessions,

Does not include:

  •    Mask, snorkel and fins. You must  bring your own, or purchase these before your first pool class. 
  •    Crater Fees. Two days are needed to get 4 Open Water Dive sessions, at the Homestead Crater in Midway, Utah. This will be done on 2 separate days. Crater appointments need to be booked by us in advance. Rates subject to change. Call us for prices, fee for each diver (approx.) $27 per day mid- week and $29 per day on weekends. Bring crater fee with you to both Open Water dive days.

IMPORTANT!!   SCUBA Study before each session:
Read & view your materials before classroom sessions. 

The final, multiple choice test for Open Water Diver will be given at the very end following all instruction to qualify for your certification. You will need a passport size photo before or at your final class to submit with your completed application for your Certification ID card.

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