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What do you need to begin your first Scuba Class?

  • Scuba Training Manual for the Course (We can order those for you and sent to your door. Just complete the materials form)
  • Mask, fins and snorkel that fit you. (We can provide some scuba gear for you to purchase at your first class, if we know your size.)
  • Study the manual chapters before they are covered in class. The more you read & learn on your own, the faster you finish class and get more water time.
  • Plan your scuba time. Clear the dates you will need to complete 4-6 hours class time and two weekend days we can book your open water time. Both open water dives will take about 2 hours time, to suit-up, jump in, and rinse off your gear.

Start Here:

Discover Scuba Not sure if you'l like it? Try it first.

Junior Open Water Diver Same as the standard Open Water course. The only differences being age and depth limitations.

Open Water Diver Diver certification begins here.